BRAVEWORDS Streaming Tracks From New Solo Album Featuring Drummer RAY HARTMANN And Guitarist JEFF LOOMIS

RussNews is now streaming the first 3 tracks from THE RUSS BERGQUIST PROJECT, with the following commentary from Russ:

1. SUICIDE SHIFT: “Opening track from The Russ Bergquist Project. Mark Petri on Vocals, Ray Hartmann on Drums, Scott Webb on lead guitar, Alex Roque on background vocals and Russ on bass, rhythm guitars and background vocals. If you listen while driving , watch your speed…”

2. LOST AT SEA: “Track #2 from The Russ Bergquist Project. Lead vocals – Mark Petri, drums – Ray Hartmann, Brian Poulsen – lead guitar, Alex Roque -background vocals. Russ: bass, rhythm guitars, BG vocals. Lost At Sea!!”

3. SHREDDIES: “Track #3 from The Russ Bergquist Project. One of two instrumentals on the album. This one features lead guitarists Scott Webb, Brian Poulsen, Joop Wolters and Jeff Loomis. I’ve always been fascinated with what lead guitarists can do. So I wrote a song featuring four really good ones. Enjoy your Shreddies this morning! Btw, me on bass and rhythm guitar, Ray Hartmann on drums and Vivien Lalu on keys…”

CLICK HERE to listen now!