Russ Bergquist 2019 HeadshotRuss Bergquist is a Canadian bass guitarist and composer who has recorded and/or performed with the bands ANNIHILATOR, THE THICK OF IT, JAR, DUSKMACHINE, Vivien Lalu, ZOMBIE CHECK, DEATH ASSEMBLY, FREAKS BY NATURE, WHITE WOLF and TOUCH THE SUN.

Born and raised in central Saskatchewan, Russ’ musical journey began at the age of 14 when he participated in the school band as a percussionist. Moving to guitar (and ultimately bass guitar), it wasn’t long before Russ formed his first band - a metal outfit called MAD HATTER.

Russ spent the next few years cutting his teeth in a variety of club bands throughout Western Canada, eventually settling in Edmonton (Alberta) where he formed the band FREAKS BY NATURE. Relocating to Vancouver in 1991, FREAKS BY NATURE released a self-titled album in 1997.

In 1999, Russ graduated to the international stage as the bassist in Canadian Heavy Metal Legends ANNIHILATOR, a position he would hold intermittently until 2007. As a member of ANNIHILATOR, Russ played on 2003’s “Double Live Annihilation“ album and toured extensively throughout Europe including festival appearances at Wacken Open Air and Bang Your Head.


"Having worked as a sideman / hired gun in Annihilator, and creating music with many other artists, I really wanted a project that was entirely mine, done on my own terms, my own way. So I started writing songs and just let the creativity flow."Russ Bergquist

Written and recorded over several years, the collection of songs on THE RUSS BERGQUIST PROJECT are just that - Russ’ songs done the way he envisioned them to sound. 

The album showcases Russ on bass, rhythm guitar and background vocals, and features a cast of special guest players: Drummers Ray Hartmann (ANNIHILATOR) and Ryan Van Poederooyen (DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT); Keyboardists Dave Young (DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT) and Vivien Lalu; Guitarists Scott Webb, Joop Wolters. Brian Poulsen, Alex Roque and Jeff Loomis (ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE). Mark Petri contributes vocals to 7 of the 9 tracks, the latter 2 being instrumentals.

Collaborating with so many world-class musicians produced amazing results. but also contributed to the lengthy production time. Russ explains: “This project took a lot longer than I had originally envisioned, but ultimately I am pleased with it and proud of it”.

Currently Russ resides in the Vancouver area and plays with the bands TOUCH THE SUN and THE THICK OF IT.

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